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Who was Sandra Schmirler?
Three-time Scott Tournament of Hearts and World Champion (1993, 1994, 1997);
The skip of Canada’s Olympic gold medalist curling team (1998);
Sandra was one of the few athletes who was able to maintain a balance between the passion she had for her athletic pursuits and the love she had for her family, husband Shannon and her two beautiful daughters, Sara and Jenna.
Sandra Marie Schmirler passed away on March 2nd, 2000.
What is the Sandra Schmirler Foundation?
The spirit of a champion: The Sandra Schmirler Foundation is a non-profit organization that collects donations and then funds projects and equipment at neonatal units in hospitals across Canada. It is a legacy to the three-time world curling champion and Olympic gold medallist, Sandra Schmirler.
The mission of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation: To raise and donate funds to hospitals across Canada for the care of premature and critically ill babies.
Bringing hope to families: By supporting the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, you are helping babies in crisis to grow and reach their potential because, ultimately, all champions start small.
Who and Why was the Sandra Schmirler Foundation created?
WHO: The Sandra Schmirler Foundation was created by Scott Paper and the Canadian Curling Association to act as a living legacy to Sandra. It honours this outstanding woman who touched the hearts of so many Canadians from coast to coast.
WHY: The Sandra Schmirler Foundation was created as a legacy to world and Olympic champion curler, Sandra Schmirler, whose love of curling was second only to her love of family. The foundation raises funds to help neonatal facilities across the country that care for premature and other high-risk newborns.
How many years has the Foundation been around for?
The Foundation was started in May 2001.
How is the Foundation organized?
The not-for-profit organization is steered by a volunteer Board of Trustees consisting of 12 members and volunteer Advisory Board of three. A member of Sandra's family is a Director in perpetuity. There are currently 2 staff members who operate on a part-time basis.
Can you explain the logo?
The logo of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation contains four forearms clasped together around a heart. It is the symbol of the strength that a united effort can bring to any challenge. It was originally created by Sandra’s friends to raise money through the sale of lapel pins.
Who does the Foundation support?
The Sandra Schmirler Foundation provides support to Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU's) at hospitals in each region of Canada.
What type of projects and/or equipment does the Foundation fund?
Upgrading neonatal intensive care units (NICU), transportation units for delivering seriously ill babies in the region to the nearest NICU hospital, training programs for NICU staff, emergency care simulators, giraffe incubators, fetal heart monitors, specialized instruments and much more.
Where would my money go?
Your donation will go towards assisting NICU hospitals that care for premature, low birth weight and seriously ill infants.
Why do you hold a telethon?
To honour Sandra Schmirler and keep her spirit alive.
To raise awareness of the Foundation.
To raise funds in order to assist hospitals that care for babies in crisis.
What other ways do you raise money?
  • Local events: charity bonspiels, golf tournaments, and curling camps.
  • Corporate donations and sponsorships.
  • Individual contributions
  • “Crowd sweeps” of the stands at major Canadian Curling Association (CCA) Season of Champions events.
  • Curling club contributions: Curling clubs are challenged to donate funds during the telethon, with the top three clubs having the most funds contributed (per sheet of ice) during the telethon receiving thank you gifts.
I’d like to know more about Sandra and her journey. Where can I go to find out more?
Sandra’s story was written by Perry Lefko, author of Sandra Schmirler - The Queen of Curling. You can purchase the book at leading book stores across Canada, or check your local library.
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