Sandra Schmirler Day

Help us celebrate Sandra Schmirler Day on February 19, 2017 with a fundraising breakfast at your curling club!

10 Steps to hosting a successful
Sandra Schmirler Day Breakfast fundraising event at your Curling Club!

When? Sunday, February 19, 2017 – Sandra Schmirler Telethon on TSN!

Here’s How:

1. Present the fundraising event to your Club’s Board of Directors asking for (free) use of kitchen facilities at your Curling Club in support of the Sandra Schmirler Foundation.
Tip: Go in with a plan and ask up front but don’t take longer than 10 minutes.

2. Find 3-6 volunteers who are certified to work in a kitchen who will cook for you on Feb. 19.
Tip: Most Curling Clubs have a few members who can do this, offer them a beverage or two as a thank you!

3. Reach out to local food distributors to see what kind of food you can get donated i.e. eggs, bread, bacon, pancake mix.
Tip: Local markets and local retailers should be your go to!

4. Put up posters at your Club advertising the breakfast.
Tip: No later than 6 weeks before the breakfast.

5. Send out an e-mail about the Breakfast to all your Club members at least 2 weeks in advance.
Tip: Send a notice again a week in advance and AGAIN the day before!

6. Two weeks prior to the event, start bombarding all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever you have access to).

7. Gather a 5-10 volunteers to help you serve and clean up on Sandra Schmirler Day!

8. Take inventory of the food that has been donated, and begin purchasing the extras a week before.
Tip: You will make this money back HOWEVER, the more that’s donated, the more money you can raise!

9. Arrive an hour and a half before your doors open to begin set-up and cooking.
Tip: Host your breakfast from 9:00 am-11:00 am.

10. Open doors on time, and expect an early influx of seniors! This is when you need to hit social media hard to remind everyone of your event.
Tip: Pictures of food work best and make sure to include the price!

More tips:
*Don’t forget, you and your crew are in charge of clean up!
*Remember to thank all of your volunteers; a written card works really nicely.
*Also remember to share with your Curling Club how much your event made, that way you can set a target for next year’s event!