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A message from Chair, Chris Atchison

All of us at the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, are fully committed to our vision. We see a day when every baby born in Canada has access to life-saving equipment that will give them the opportunity to grow up and be a champion, like Sandra.

We know this is a huge goal and we need your support in order to be successful. We share our families’ stories whenever we can so that you can see the difference you are making in their lives. Giving birth to a sick or premature baby can be quite unexpected to a parent. There’s no way to be completely prepared for complications during delivery or for the discovery that your baby will be premature, have a birth defect or serious medical problem.

If babies are born too soon, too small or too sick in a community that doesn’t have a hospital equipped to provide the necessary life-saving care, they are sent to another hospital that can be reached either by air in a transport incubator or in a specially equipped ambulance.

We recently presented a $100,000 cheque as the lead sponsor for a new pediatric ambulance which is servicing northern Saskatchewan (including Sandra’s home town of Biggar). Over the years we have funded numerous transport incubators that allow these miracle babies to be given the necessary care as they are moved to better equipped hospitals. We have funded equipment in every province and in the Northwest Territories and are currently working with the Yukon Hospital Foundation and the Qikiqtani Hospital in Iqaluit, Nunavut to provide them with new life-saving equipment.

We are very proud to say that every dollar donated, that we issue a tax receipt for, will go directly to our cause. That’s right. When you donate to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, 100% of your donation goes directly towards the purchase of life-saving equipment for NICUs in hospitals across Canada.

I’ve had the humbling experience of visiting several Newborn Intensive Care Units in different Canadian cities. I can tell you it is a very emotional experience, especially since my wife had both my son and daughter without any complications at birth. Some of the babies in the NICU are so tiny that they can be held in your hand. Some are robust at birth but have hidden challenges with internal organs, like their hearts. You will see parents who are cuddling their baby skin to skin around the clock, not wanting their baby (or babies) to wake up without Mom or Dad close by.

Every one of these families will tell you about the incredible care they receive from the healthcare teams in the NICU. Our funding ensures that these dedicated teams are equipped with the latest technology that allow families to be close to home where parents, family and friends can provide much needed support at this very emotional time.

We’ve now funded life-saving equipment in over 40 hospitals in Canada. But we have much more work to do and we need your continued support.

We want to be a force for good, encouraging more and more Canadians to donate to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation because together we are making a difference in the lives of families across this great country we live in.

We believe in celebrating success and we want to thank the truly amazing NICU health teams, and the families who share their stories with us. We also want to thank every donor because every dollar you give helps us get closer to our dream….knowing that every newborn in Canada has the chance to live his or her personal dream.

“Champions Start Small”. Please give generously. Thank you.

The legacy lives on!

Warm regards,




Sandra Schmirler Foundation, Board Chair

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