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At the Sandra Schmirler Foundation we understand how stressful the current situation of living through a pandemic is for everyone. We realize that it is a particularly stressful time for student-athletes.  Training is challenging and the uncertainty about summer jobs only adds to that stress. We know that your school year has changed dramatically and this could affect your grades. If you were planning to apply for a Spirit of Sandra Scholarship but you are uncertain about how all of these changes have affected your grades please, go ahead and apply. We are aware of the situation and will certainly take that into account during the application review process. We know that some classes have moved to a pass/fail system and that could certainly affect your GPA and we also know that as athletes you may have been counting on the last few months to boost your grades after a busy curling season. Financial support through scholarships is more important than ever this coming year. We look forward to receiving your application!

General Information

The Spirit of Sandra Junior Curling Scholarship is intended for young athletes who participate in competitive curling while pursuing post-secondary education by taking a minimum of 3 courses. Recipients must be 20 years of age or under as of June 30, 2020, and therefore eligible to compete as a junior curler. The aim is to give talented junior curlers the opportunity to successfully combine their competitive curling pursuits with their academic studies (i.e. September through April) in a Canadian University or College setting.

Number of Curling Scholarships

Six (6) scholarships will be awarded.

Monetary Value of a Curling Scholarship

Each scholarship will have a value of $5,000.

Award Components

The successful applicants will be reimbursed for $2,500  in both education and curling categories for a total of $5,000. All expenses must be submitted with receipts and received no later than April 30, 2021.

Criteria for Awarding Junior Curling Scholarship

  • 1. Emphasis will be placed on athletes who have competed at the provincial/territorial level or higher.
  • 2. Applicants must be committed to curling competitively during the 2020-2021 curling season.
  • 3. Applicants must be attending or planning to attend university, college or a CEGEP.
  • 4. Must be enrolled with a 3-course load for at least one semester (Fall/Winter/Summer).
  • 5. Academic background – minimum grade average of 75% or equivalent grade point average (GPA).
  • 6. Applicant must be a Canadian citizen.
  • 7. Applicants should have shown a commitment to volunteerism through their involvement in volunteer activities.
  • 8. Must be 20 years of age or under as of June 30, 2020, and studying at the post-secondary level in the 2020-2021 school year.
  • 9. The awardee will agree to organize a fundraising event for the Sandra Schmirler Foundation in the 10 months following receiving the Award.
  • 10. Awardees shall agree to the Code of Conduct of the scholarship and sign the Letter of Agreement.

Qualified Expenses

A Spirit of Sandra Junior Scholarship has a total value of $5,000 with $2,500 available for education expenses and $2,500 available for curling related expenses. Qualified education expenses and curling expenses are outlined in the Eligible Expenses document.  Eligible Expenses

How to Apply for a Curling Scholarship

  • 1. Be sure to save the Application Form to your computer, complete the form and then “save as” a new file with your name.
  • 2. Submit your unlisted YouTube video (3-5 minutes). Helpful tips for creating your video are included in the application form.
  • 3. Submit a copy of your high school, university or college transcripts.
  • 4. Submit two letters of recommendation.
  • 5. Submit your signed Letter of Agreement.
  • 6. Submit Head & Shoulders photo of yourself in JPG format.

Application Deadline

Application deadline for 2020 is midnight (Eastern Time) May 7, 2020. Successful applicants will be notified no later than June 15, 2020. If you have any questions please email

Application Process

The Spirit of Sandra Junior Curling Scholarship Application is a fillable PDF form. Once completed, you will need to “save as” a new file with your name. Please create one PDF document that includes your completed application, your signed letter of agreement, grades/transcript, two letters of recommendation, letter of acceptance (if applicable) and email to with the YouTube video link included in the body of the email.

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